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Relocation Services

Relocate Sure UK provides a range of services to make your relocation to the UK a stress-free experience. All the services that you purchase will be provided by a dedicated relocation manager, who oversees your entire relocation. They take personal responsibility for ensuring that your relocation goes smoothly, and that the services you receive are customised in order to cater to your individual needs.


Our services are available across the South of the UK, and we use our personal knowledge of this region to make sure that your relocation here is seamless. We provide our services to both people who are planning to relocate to the UK and want everything sorted out before they arrive, as well as people who have already relocated to the UK and need support now that they are here. 

We want to help in whatever way is necessary in order to ensure that your relocation is smooth and stress-free. If you need assistance with something that isn't covered by the services listed below, please feel free to contact us anyway and we will see if we can help you. 

Finding home to rent

Home Find

The most important issue to address when relocating to the UK is finding somewhere to live. Our Home Find service handles the entire process of finding and securing a property for you, saving you the stress and worry of doing it all yourself. Your dedicated relocation manager will listen to your individual requirements and then use their knowledge of housing in the UK to find you the most suitable property. Our Home Find service includes all the following activities.

  • Conduct a search for a rental property.

  • View suitable properties in person.

  • Provide advice on which property to choose.

  • Handle all the administration necessary to secure your chosen property.

  • Collect the keys once the property is secured. 

  • Check that everything is as expected with the property and resolve any issues found.

  • Meet you at the property in person when you arrive for the first time.       

Family Settling

When relocating to the UK, it is paramount that your loved ones feel settled in their new life. For your children, this means making sure that places are found for them in appropriate schools as soon as possible. Our Family Settling service handles all the administrative aspects of arranging a school place for your child. Using this service ensures that there is minimal disruption to your child's education, in addition to helping them feel at home as quickly as possible in their new environment. Your dedicated relocation manager will use their knowledge of the UK school system to arrange a school place for your child that is suitable for your family.

Family relocating
Making registrations


Moving to the UK requires a significant amount of administrative work just to be able to participate in daily life. From opening a bank account to registering for healthcare, it can be difficult to know what needs doing let alone how to do it. Our Registrations service takes care of all the administrative tasks that need to be completed in order for you to fully settle in the UK. That way you can rest assured knowing that everything has been sorted out and your relocation will be as smooth as possible. Your dedicated relocation manager will utilise their experience of life in the UK to perform the following activities for you. 

  • Open a bank account.

  • Register for healthcare.

  • Register for social security.

  • Register to pay local taxes.

  • Obtain a UK mobile phone number.  

  • Register to vote.

Utilities Set Up

Setting up utilities is a time-consuming but unavoidable part of moving in to a new home. It can take even longer when you have just relocated to an unfamiliar country. Our Utilities Set Up service sets up all the utilities that you need in your new home in the UK for you. That way you don't have to spend the time and effort needed to figure out how it's done and then do it yourself. It also means that you can avoid any possible delays in starting to receive the utilities, which can be up to three weeks for internet. Your dedicated relocation manager will listen to your requirements and use their knowledge of the UK utilities markets to ensure that you benefit from the best suitable offers. We set up the following utilities as part of our Utilities Set Up service.

  • Internet.

  • Electricity.

  • Gas.

  • Water. 

Setting up utilities
Preparing to relocate

Possessions and Travel

Making sure that both you and your possessions arrive safely at your new home in the UK can be a daunting challenge, especially if you are not familiar with the country. Our Possessions and Travel service supports you in your journey to the UK. We arrange your travel from your point of arrival in the UK to your final destination, in addition to attending the delivery of your possessions when they arrive at your new home. This means you can rest assured that your first arrival in the country will be a smooth and stress-free experience. As part of this service, your dedicated relocation manager will use their experience of life in the UK to arrange the most appropriate travel for you. They will also ensure that the whole service provided to you fits in with your existing plans.

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